We generate FUN!!

Our focus is fun.  With Scorpion Mini Tanks, people can take their adventure sports to the next level.  Mini Tanks can be used in paintball, lazertag, airsoft or just trail riding.  These allow you to jump out of the video game world and play with motorized vehicles in real life. 

If you are running a park with airsoft, paintball or lazertag, these vehicles will expand your customer base to include a greater age range and people not able to run or are afraid to get hit.

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Multiple ways to play

There are multiple ways for you to experience the joy of riding in a Scorpion Mini Tank

Go out to an Affiliated Paintball Park

In partnership with multiple local paintball parks, you can experience the joy of riding in a mini tank.

Purchase a Mini Tank

Please contact us for more information on pricing and availability.

Become a Reseller

We are always on the look out for motivated individuals to resell our mini tanks.  Please contact us for more information.

Our Team

These are the folks who helped get things started with Armour Trax.  A very big thanks goes out to everyone involved in the setup and maintenance of mini-tanks.

Erik Perez

Logo and Name Icon Illustrator

Erik Perez is an amazing designer who created a fantastic logo and name icon.  You can find his work and get his help for your site by going to http://www.erikperez.com


Jarda has been a tremendous help, working through our banner, flyers,  providing moral support, and comic relief

Paintball Battle Tanks


PaintballBattleTanks.com is the manufacturer of the Scorpion Mini Tank.  They can also be found on http://paintballbattletanks.com


Our Fearless Leader. She does everything from managing logistics when Scorpions are being shipped, working the booth at trade shows, works with customers on Scorpion purchases, approves flyers and yells at the humble web page admin to make changes and fix it when the page breaks.


ArmourTrax Engineer

David is our go to Engineer responsible for maintenance and enhancements.  He has been working with Armour Trax before the company was founded and this could not have moved forward without him.